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Maitree 6th May 2023 written drama update on

Today’s episode starts when Nandni looks in the mirror and thinks that Maitree is waiting for her spin. mattress sees Nandini, but Nandini not shows. mattress comes out to check the noise. They see a vase falling on the floor. The receptionist said that the vase would not fall by itself from the air pressure anybody would be present there. Nandini hides behind that pillar. Maitree thinks that is anybody here to play hide and seek or maybe it’s a cat. Then the team fix that vase. Everyone goes inside. Then Nandini comes out and feels relaxed.

Radhika saw Maitree from the CCTV footage. Vivek said that Maitree can’t go before she meets us. Radhika said she can’t do this after knowing her reality now. Vivek asked if it would be our misunderstanding about Maitree let’s clear the indecision. Vivek sends a message to Maitree that comes into their cabin. The receptionist asks the mattress for that message. Radhika gets mail from Maitree she opens it. She threats and said that she resign and gave that project to another organizer. Maitree asked Karishma and Vivek why they cancelled the event everything is on time. Maitree said Oberoi why the appointment is cancelled. Maitree asked if she can’t leave without explaining. She said to Vivek that he supports her because they are friends for the last 6 years.

Vivek appealed to Radhika to listen at least once time to Maitree. If she trapp her husband like Ashish. She taunts her that she was taught this technique by her family. She prides herself on her family and does not allow to anyone that they judge anybody’s character about her family. Radhika said to Maitree gets lost from here. Maitree said that she will not talk which has negative thinking. Radhika calls the security guard. Mistree said not need I will leave by myself. Security came and mattress out of the office. Nandini sees and just enjoys.

Maitree pack their things and go from there. She hears the noise of a car alarm from outside. Maitree comes and found nobody behind the car. Nandini is happy about leaving Maitree. Maitree goes from there.

Nandini takes many gifts for everyone. Sona asked what you will give these gifts to everyone. She said that she wants to do some special for his family that way she bought. She said where is Ashish. Sona said he may be in his room. Then she goes to Ashish and Nandish.

Dinesh made tea for Maitree and welcomed her. Maitree thinks about that what happened to her. Sadhana and Dinesh said to Maitree how the meeting. Maitree can’t answer anyone and go her room. They think that the meeting has not gone well. Maitree recalls Radhika’s words.

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