Parineeti 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Update


Parineeti 2nd May 2023 Written Episode Update: Salojna asks Pami to get the child aborted


Parineeti 2nd May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sanju says I am very sorry Neeti. Neeti says I was scared that there would be distance between us. Sanju says that will never happen. He kisses her. Chandrika says to Amit why would Pari agree to have this child and then abort it? She can never do that. She has a very big heart. Amit says youโ€™re right but we donโ€™t know for sure. Chandrika says Neeti and Bebe were discussing something. They were scared to see me. I doubt Bebe and Neeti. Amit says stop being a detective. Please sleep. The doctor also agreed Pari did this. Chandrika says shut up, donโ€™t say anything against Pari. He says okay letโ€™s sleep now. Neeti hugs Sanju and says we lost our child. I know you were shattered. I wanted you to become a father. I wanted to give you this happen. Pari was like family to us. She was doing so much for us so I shared my motherhood with her. I thought Pami and Gurinder will feel like Dadi when they see this child growing in front of them. Sanju says how can she do this to you. Neeti says anyone can get jealous seeing a husband and family like this. She has given me so much pain. Sanju says I understand. God makes some decisions for our relationships. Neeti hugs him. She says in her heart Sanju will go away from you forever. I will get this child aborted for sure and get you kicked out.

Bebe comes to Pami. She asks did you eat? I know what youโ€™re going through. This first child died and the other one is being killed. I know how you feel. Everyone is silent in their rooms. You trusted an outsider. This was supposed to happen. Girls like her are very clever. She did so much. Pami says Pari gave this option herself and we thought the child would remain in front of us. Neeti was happy too. Bebe says now Neeti is shattered. Pami says Pari has done so much for us. How can she do this? There is no way out. Bebe says donโ€™t give her a chance to fool you guys now. Get this child aborted yourself before she does it again.

Pari cries in her room. Gurpreet calls Pari. Pari is crying. Gurpreet asks what happened. Pari cries. Gurpreet says tell me what happened, I will come there. Pari tells her everything. Does Gurpreet say what cursed moment was that when we got you married there? You did all this for Neeti and see what she did. You should better get this child aborted. Pari says please donโ€™t say that. This child is mine as well. I love him like a mother. Gurpreet says they will not let you. Stop ruining yourself. Come back home, please. Pari says I canโ€™t go anywhere until I give birth to this child, then I will come back home. Gurpreet says I canโ€™t let you ruin your life like this. Pari cries in her room and says no one is understanding. I donโ€™t know what to do. Pami says how can we get this child aborted? Bebe says we will find another surrogate. Kick Pari out of this house forever. Give her a taste of her medicine. She canโ€™t fool guys again. Pami says what about Neeti and Sanju? This isnโ€™t right. Bebe says then she will keep fooling you all again. Even if she steps out you will fear that sheโ€™s gonna abort the child. Itโ€™s your choice. Bebe leaves.

Chandrika comes to Pari. She picks her up. Chandrika asks are you okay? She hugs her. Chandrika says youโ€™ve done nothing wrong. Youโ€™re very brave. I trust you. Pari says no one is trusting me. She says they are wrong. They trust you. You did so much for them. When a girl gets pregnant she has all the care from her husband. Your husband is in your sauna. And youโ€™re doing all this for someone? Chandrika says someone planned all this. Pari says who could do that? She says Bebe and Neeti were talking about something. They went to the kitchen to talk. Chandrika says they were shocked to see me there. Neeti is mad at you for something. Pari says Neeti can never do that. Chandrika says just be a little careful, especially with Bebe. And Neeti is closest to her.

Episode ends

Precap-Neeti says you will have to leave this house, Pari. Pammi says to Neeti I will do justice with you. Neeti says I want to get this child aborted. I want my child to come to this world with blessings not as a burden to someone. pami calls everyone in the hall.

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