Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2023 Written Episode Update


Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2023 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2023,Written Update on

At the start of this episode, Abhi makes a card for Ruhi and said sorry, Poppy hurt you and will make it up to you. he saw Abhi’s picture on the phone. Aarohi says that don’t know whether Ruhi’s dream become true or not. I am not wrong this time I am doing this for my daughter, why that is going wrong. that man said Dr Abhi, our guest fevered with allergic reaction, please can you come and check then abhi goes Ruhi comes and asked where Poppy going, oh wow, he makes a beautiful pink butterfly card for me, he loves me, she saw abhor picture on his phone. she thinks he loves Abhir, not me, he is very bad. Manjiri thinks about Ruhi’s words. Shefali and Manjiri are on the way.  She says Ruhi class and tensed you don’t worry. Manjiri said Abhi doesn’t ask any think. I want to know it akshu says I don’t know how it affects on Ruhi. She sees all the things ruined. Abhinav asked who can do this. This man said that all was fine. Akshu sees Ruhi and thinks did she do that in anger Abhi says we will check the CCTV footage to know the truth. Ruhi says I have ruined the camp. Abhi says that is bad manners, and Abhir or the other children will sad. Ruhi asked I just hate her I want to go home now and she goes Abhi asks what happened, tell me about that. Abhir hugs Abhinav. He said why Rohi is soo in anger, I don’t do a single thing, I promise. Akshu sees arohi muskan getting ready. surekha asked why do you looking so sad, did you build your mind, did you want to send back that man’s family, smile now and come. The other lady said our children are so sad because of her, will you teach this to her

Aarohi cries, akshu comes and said it is easy to point a finger at mum, every kid makes mistakes and gets rude, kids are not ready they teach on daily bases to go with their mothers and tell me which child in this world not make mistakes this will happen with you also the kids become a rebel, it is not bad upbringing it’s their growing every mother tries to handle it so please don’t punish the mother. A mother’s life is not too easy don’t make things tough for her all the people apologize and go from there. Abhinav said we clean this. Arohi said you save the mum, but now what about Ruhi, who is getting away from her father? She goes from there. Akshu is worried that Abhi apologised to Ruhi and tries to talk with her she is still upset. That lady praises her son. Manish said you are very lucky. Muskaan comes and greets all the guests. Suwarna says is he is raghav. Muskaan sees that kairav is coming. Kairav greets the guest. He sees towards the Raghav. Manjiri says Abhi and Aarohi aren’t answering they are silent. Shefali said you checked here. I will look there. Abhir saws Manji and calls her out. Then he said please stop Dida, can you not hear me? She said just go back to your parents, and stay away from us. He asks why, am I dirty. She cries and goes from there. Aarohi and Akshu worried and cried. Kairav takes Raghav’s phone and said this phone will be 50000rs right? Raghav said yes, so. Kairav throws it and asks if the car is damaged cost will be the same. Everybody looks at him. Abhi said you can’t get it. Akshu asks you are you don’t understand. Abhinav comes to the Aarohi.

She says I don’t want to talk with you.  She cries and starts complaining about Akshu. She said that Neil came into my life, and I got pregnant with Ruhi, I thought that I found everything in my life but then I lost him just because of Akshu. Akshu has a family, and now what do I have I am empty handed I have nothing except Ruhi, akshu and her son Abhir have come between Ruhi’s happiness and life and I am not able to do anything for my daughter.  Then she cries. Akshu said you are forgetting the line that Neil had sketched on your fate. I remember this line I can’t forget Akshu said you go and want to know your relationship with Abhir about four days back but you also know Ruhi since from his birth she wants you as her poppy, now what did you do you select Abhir and ignore ruhi, you have to understand that Abhinav and I both there in abhor life

End Episode

Akshu argues with Manjiri she said Abhinav we can’t wait any more for anybody. Manjiri comes to Goenka’s home and said I have come to give you good news,  abhor,akshu and his son

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